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Maryland Box

A Maryland Gourmet Gift Box Boutique was established in 2013 by a group of Maryland women who love Maryland and enjoyed sending some Maryland love all over the country, and internationally. In 2018, when they decided to retire, was passed on to the owner of Pat's Porch - a candy and gift shop located in the heart of Catonsville, Maryland.  It is a perfect fit as Pat's Porch already carries delicious fine chocolates and candies and our gift shop focuses on carrying items that are made in the United States.  Many of our food items are also made in Maryland, so it was an easy transition to include all of the items of  We specialize in delicious and adorable Chocolate Crabs, available in milk, dark and white chocolate and the options for additions to the Maryland Boxes are endless. Over the years, we've sent to celebrities, businesses, conferences, and individuals. We've joined together to bring you the best that Maryland has to offer because we LOVE Maryland products. Our boxes are beautiful and tempting. Be sure to check back with us because we update often. We look forward to serving you!

~Beth Reymann, Owner


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